Magento 2 search based on Elasticsearch power

Extremely fast, highly relevant & user-friendly search in Magento 2

A suite of Magento 2 extensions built by Certified Magento Experts

Plug'n Play Extensions for Magento 2. One time payment, no reccuring fees. First class support.

Smart Autocomplete
Let your visitors enjoy an ultra-fast search tool thanks to a user-friendly autocomplete including relevant results on products, CMS pages, categories and search suggestions.
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Multifaceted Autocomplete
Enhance the search results from Elastic Smart Autocomplete with a multi-faceted navigation including filterable attributes, products sorting and many display options.
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Layered Navigation
Make your categories and search results pages so fast to navigate thanks to a powerful set of search tools.
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Make any search on your website much more relevant, quicker and user-friendly than the default Magento search tools with this complete suite of Elasticsearch extensions.
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What can Elastic Ecommerce do for me?

Extremely fast search tools

Let your customers enjoy the power of the high-speed search and get results in a few milliseconds only.

Highly relevant search results

Convert visitors to customers by proposing the most relevant results for their search.

User-friendly search interface

Offer a smooth experience on your shop thanks to an attractive and clear interface.

Full Elasticsearch Server power

Opt for one of the most powerful search and analytics engine capable to fetch hundreds of Mb of data in one go.

Developed by Magento certified professionals

Benefit from all the advantages of a suite of modules developed and regularly updated by ecommerce experts.

Optimized for quickness and efficiency

Enjoy our Elastic Ecommerce suite to display immediate and relevant search results and considerably increase your conversion rate.

Smart and quick data indexation

Easily deal with large databases and handle thousands of products smoothly.

Fully responsive and Modern interface

Offer your potential customers a seamless user experience on whatever device they enjoy using most and don't take the risk to lost any conversion.

Multi-theme support & highly customizable

Customize the Elastic Ecommerce suite to match your shop and ensure the users enjoy the best experience possible online.

What people say?

Overall great experience

by Marco
The functionality available is above expectations and the support is always great when you contact them, friendly and fast compared to other developers I have come across.

Published the 11th October 2018

It Simply Works

by Satisfied Customer
After installing the module, low and behold, it simply worked as advertised. No surprises!

Published the 10th October 2018

Our choice for Magento ElasticSearch

by Liudas -
We, as an agency, have tried multiple search extensions and Wyomind Elasticsearch extension is our choice for M1. Easy to work and auto-correct functionality works exactly where it is needed - in the quick-search.

Published the 02nd October 2018

Wyomind delivers great Magento extensions

by Marcin
Wyomind delivered high quality extensions for our Magento 2.1 based webstore. Their support is extremely helpful and what is more important the response time is usually 1-3 hours. I highly recommend them if you dont want to wait hours for a reply from support center in Asia as many other magento development do.

Published the 28th September 2018

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