Elastic Layered Navigation

Make your categories and search results pages so fast to navigate thanks to a powerful set of search tools.
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Ultra-fast layered navigation

  • Layered navigation in the Category and Search results pages 
  • AJAX cart
  • Products filtering by any attribute: color, size, price...
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Instant refresh of unavailable attributes
  • Products sorting (by relevance, product name, price or ratings)
  • Price filter (slider and input boxes)
  • Intuitive breadcrumbs
  • Layer attributes position (top, left, right)
  • Number of results by attribute and number of items per page
  • List/grid products display
  • "Add to cart", "Add to wish-list", "Add to compare", "Email to a friend" buttons

User-friendly tool

  • Keywords highlighting in the search results
  • Look and feel fully customizable from the backoffice
  • Multi-theme skin
  • Fully responsive interface
Magento 2 extensions built by Certified Magento Professionals
30 days money-back guarantee
Support & Upgrade 6 months
On-demand premium services
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization

Compatible with

Magento Commerce & Magento Open source v2.1.x, v2.2.x and v2.3.x

Elasticsearch server v2.x, v5.x, v6.x

Latest changelog

  • Oct. 2018 Elastic-Ecommerce launches the new Elasticsearch Suite for Magento 2!
  • Nov. 2018 Elastic-Ecommerce extensions are now compatible with Magento v2.3!

Prerequisites, Installation, Activation

Elastisearch installation

To use Elastic Layered Navigation, you first need to have a recent version of Java installed and the Elasticsearch server running.

  1. Download the latest version of Elasticsearch from:
  2. Install it following:
Manual Installation

To install Elastic Layered Navigation, copy the content of the unzipped folder and paste all files and directories in your Magento 2 root directory.

To install guzzlehttp libraries, run the following commands:

$ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle
$ composer require guzzlehttp/ring
If the server is Nginx, replace the first line by the second in the Nginx configuration file:
location ~ (index|get|static|report|404|503)\.php${
location ~ (index|get|static|report|404|503|elastic)\.php${

Composer Installation

Add the repository to your composer configuration with the below command:

composer config repositories.elasticecommerce composer https://repo.elastic-ecommerce.com

Run the composer installer:

composer require elasticecommerce/elasticsearchlayerednavigation

If the server is Nginx, replace the first line by the second in the Nginx configuration file:
location ~ (index|get|static|report|404|503)\.php${  
location ~ (index|get|static|report|404|503|elastic)\.php${
Extension Activation

In your Command Line Interface, execute:

bin/magento setup:upgrade --keep-generated

If you are using a production mode, also execute:

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
bin/magento setup:di:compile
License Activation

In your Command Line Interface, execute:

bin/magento wyomind:license:activate Wyomind_ElasticsearchLayeredNavigation YOUR_ACTIVATION_KEY
bin/magento wyomind:license:activate Wyomind_ElasticsearchCore YOUR_ACTIVATION_KEY
Cron Configuration

As the Elastic-Ecommerce extensions regularly check if the Elasticsearch server is available, in your Magento 2 installation, you must have a scheduled task up and running from the server side targeting the cron.php file.

For more information on the configuration of cron tasks in Magento 2, you can check their documentation.

Global settings

StoresSettingsConfiguration Elastic Ecommerce Layered NavigationSettings

  • Enable the module 
  • Enable the debug mode 
The debug module will show on the front-end a box that displays time payload and useful details to check the module performance.

Layers settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingsCategory/Search Results PageLayers

  • Add layer attributes in the category page 
  • Add layer attributes in the search result page
  • Display layer attributes on top/left/right side of the pages
  • Enable the filters refresh according to the selection
  • Hide/Disable unavailable filter values
  • Enable the prices input boxes for the price filter

Breadcrumb settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingsCategory/Search Results PageLayersBreadcrumb

  • Enable Breadcrumb in the Category page
  • Enable Breadcrumb in the Search Results page

Infinite Scroll settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingsCategory/Search Results PageInfinite Scroll

  • Enable the Infinite Scroll in the Category page
  • Enable the Infinite Scroll in the Search Results page
  • Limit the number of items to load at each infinite scroll step, for example 10 items
  • Define the distance in pixel from the bottom of the page that triggers the Infinite Scroll loading

Labels settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingsLabels

  • Choose your own labels for "Clear all", "Sort by", "End of list"
  • Use placeholders to define the number of items in the list, in current page and the per page dropdown labels
Placeholders are used as substitutes to be replaced in the label by the final value.

Products Listing settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingsCategory/Search Results PageProducts Listing

  • Enable Ajax Cart in the Category page
  • Enable Ajax Cart in the Search results page
  • Display an "Add to compare" button
  • Enable sorting products by ratings
When Ajax Cart is enabled, the page is not reloaded when the customer adds an item to the cart.

Highlight settings

StoresSettingsConfigurationElastic EcommerceLayered NavigationSettingsDisplay SettingSSearch Results PageHighlight

  • Enable search terms highlight in the Search Results page
  • Define the background and text colors

What people say?

Great Support and extension

by Michal
We have been using the extension for few years now and it works great. It is fast with good results. Support from Paul is excellent, quick and always to the point. Highly recommended.

Published the 18th February 2019

Very usefull

by Aurelien - https://www.cosma-parfumeries.com/
The basic Magento search give poor results, with that extension, we got good results, the support team is pretty good. It's easy to customize the frontend to have a great mini-search. The search result page is less usefull that preview now.

Published the 09th February 2019

Great Search Extension

by Trevor Ginn - https://www.hellobabydirect.com/
We've found the Elasticsearch Autocomplete search extension for Magento to be an effective, feature rich search solution for our website which is great value for money. Setup was easy and we have found that our conversion rate and customer satisfaction has improved

Published the 24th January 2019

Fantastic results

by WorkSafeGEAR - https://worksafegear.com.au
It's one of the best extensions out there. Works right away out of the box. Easy to configure, accurate and it's fast! We didn't have any problems with our large catalogue of products. At the end of the day you want to deliver the best experience to your customers and Elasticsearch delivers.

Published the 23rd January 2019

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